Christian Lassure

A conference with slide show given at the Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires in Paris

in Jean Cuisenier's and Jean-Marie Pesez 's classes (1977-1978)


Part 7

version française

58 - Group VII: view from the West

Esthetically, this is one of the most pleasing groups of buildings in the site. These are a dwelling house, a barn-cum-silkworm house, a store house, a treading house with vat, a goat house and a pigstie.


59 - Ditto


60 - Group VII: view from the East

On the left, the barn-cum-silkworm house (the initial building); on the left, the dwelling.


61 - Group VII: the barn

The only entrance that is covered by an arch of stone voussoirs instead of a stone lintel.


62 - Ditto: the entrance


63 - Group VII: the dwelling


64 - Ditto: the entrance


65 - Group VII: the threshing yard outside the barn


66- Group VII: the dwelling viewed from the South


67 - Ditto: view of the corner stones


68 - Group VII: view of the flight of steps leading to the treading room

Behind the flight of steps, the store house; on the left, the goat house.


69 - Ditto


70 - Ditto


71 - Group VII: gutter between the dwelling and the barn


72 - Group VII: entrance of the goat house


73 - Group VII: view from the South

From left to right: the vat house with its entrance, the rear parts of the goat house and pigstie.


74 - Group VII: view from the West - entrance of the vat house


75 - Unidentified half-nave West of the so-called "village"


76 - Ditto: side view


77 - Ditto: rear view


78 - At Les Savournins Hauts, interior of a cabane still used as an outbuilding


This writer, in December 1976


May 3rd, 2004


To be referenced as :

Christian Lassure

"Les Cabanes" or "Les Savournins Bas" – alias "Le Village des Bories" – at Gordes, Vaucluse, Part 7


May 3rd, 2004


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