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Christian Lassure

One cannot help wondering at the sight of a dry stone hut that looks like it was built just a short while ago, with its covering of sods freshly taken from the surrounding turf. If the lower part of the hut consists undeniably of mortarless walling, one is left without a clue as to what may lie underneath : is it a stone vault or a rudimentary wooden roof?

Carte postale des années 1970.
Aux environs de
Las Conques - Las Fourquets
avec cabane des bergers
(Altitude : 1900 m)
Éditeur : Editions Modernes « Théojac », Limoges.

There is nothing like first-hand field evidence as is shown by the questions left unanswered in analysing this colour postcard of the 1970's.


However, another postcard of the same edifice, published two decades later – the specimen we possess is postmaked 1993 – fortunately provides an answer to this question. A large part of the covering of sods has been removed from the roof, exposing as a result the stone extrados of a corbelled vault.

Carte postale des années 1990 (a circulé en 1993).
Légende : MESSAGE DU SUD... PYRENEES : Typique cabane de berger.
Editeur : OBJECTIF SUD - MESSAGES DU SUD - 2, rue Carnot 66150 Le Boulou - Tél. : 68 83 08 41 - IMPRESSION SAC CARCASSONNE.


This being a front, instead of a three-quarters, view, one is able to notice the presence of a small, squarish window opening in the lower part of the roof to the left of the entrance

The caption on the back side – MESSAGE DU SUD... PYRENEES : Typique cabane de berger (A MESSAGE FROM THE SOUTH...IN THE  PYRENEES: A typical shepherd's hut) – tells us hardly anything more than is already known.

At all events, these two documents are proof that a turf-covered hut survived well into the final quarter of the 20th century in the Pyrénées-Orientales department.

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Christian Lassure

Old Postcards Showing Dry Stone Huts

18 - Turf-covered Hut at Prats-de-Mollo, Pyrénées-Orientales

June 3rd, 2009

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